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  • Developing training and continuing education programs for the human resources of the Institute at the highest academic level, as a way to achieve excellence and for their successful work in a changing and increasingly demanding environment.
  • Incorporating, reassigning and separating personnel in accordance with the operational needs arising from budgets, plans and objectives, modernizing the staff recruitment and selection systems, and promoting early retirement incentive plans and/or pre-retirement systems.
  • Fostering cooperation with the academic sector, promoting internships, supervision of thesis students and incorporation of personnel under the system of "first work experience."
  • Developing human resources management tools based on labor skills criteria (competitive wage policy, career plans, description of profiles, performance evaluation, recognitions, among others) for successful staff performance.
  • Promoting the internal participation of INIA's personnel, facilitating and organizing channels of communication, spaces for reflection and exchange of ideas on aspects of management, continuous improvement and efficiency in achieving institutional objectives.
  • Developing an environment of constant motivation of staff, where creative, innovative and executive capacities are valued, as well as multidisciplinary and team work, and where potential, skills and knowledge are encouraged.
  • Addressing issues that encourage staff commitment to the institution.
  • Strengthening the tools to develop a customer-focused approach by INIA's personnel, strengthening the performance of the Institute in agri-business and creating an Institutional Consultancy System.

  • INIA National Direction