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Available Analysis

The kinds of analysis which are provided by the Animal Nutrition Laboratory at INIA – La Estanzuela are the following:

• Dry Matter: determines humidity content in a feedstuff.
• Ashes: determines total mineral content.
• Crude Protein: determines total nitrogen content, which if multiplied by a factor (6,25) will provide the Crude Protein content.
• Acid and Neutral Fiber: determines the content of fiber and cell wall.
• Nitrogen binded to Fiber or ADIN: determine the nitrogen which is bined to the fiber, mainly occuring in fermentation processes as in silages.
• Ammonia Nitrogen, silage pH: determines stability and quality of reserved feed.
• Phosphorus: Its percentage is detemined in the feed.
Estimations of Energy:  upon predicting equations.

More information

Access is open to all farmers, farmer’s advisors, scientists, cooperatives, industries, or other organizations which wish to use the service.
Further information (in Spanish) on this and other matters regarding this service, as Transportation, Delivery of Results, Costs, Payment of service charges, and Annexes on Sampling and Coding of Forms for Dispatch of samples, may be reached at Nutrición Animal, or contact the person in charge of the service


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