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•Faecal Egg Count Reduction Test commonly called “Lombritest” is used for the diagnosis of Antihelmintic Resistance in cattle and sheep. The test is run through the use of a protocol to sample animal faeces supplied by the client and his veterinary adviser.  

•McMaster Test for cattle and sheep. Determines quantitatively the number of eggs from gastrointestinal parasites (HPG) as an indirect measure to estimate the parasite load in cattle and sheep.

•Sedimentation Test for diagnosis of Fasciola hepatica. Qualitative determination of the presence of eggs of Fasciola hepatica (Liver Fluke) in cattle and sheep faeces.

•Larvae Culture in cattle and sheep. Identification of the parasite genus present in cattle and sheep.
Chemical groups which are evaluated:

Triple combination: Levamisol, Albendazol, Ivermectin
INIA is available for consultation on other drug combinations found in the market.

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