National Research Program on Fruit Production

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Imagen Cabezal


Strengthening the development of the national fruit and grapevine production sector, increasing profits through the generation and adaptation of technologies that contribute to its economic and social sustainability while furthering environmental care and the preservation of natural resources.

• Use and improvement of genetic resources in peach and feijoa trees in the country.

• Development and adaptation of sustainable technologies for increased quality and competitiveness of Tannat wines produced in Uruguay.

• Plant propagation technologies, processes and traceability in intensive vegetable production systems.

• New germplasm and management practices in traditional fruit crops: apple and pear trees.

• Recovery and conservation of soil quality in intensive vegetable production systems.

• Differentiation of the Uruguayan fruit production through the development and incorporation of technologies for the integrated management of pests and diseases.

• Improved availability of fruit products for processing. Characterization of the nutraceutical potential of fruits and vegetables.

• Agronomic performance of olive tree varieties and development of cultivation techniques applicable to the agro-ecological conditions in Uruguay.

• Identification of new production alternatives based on nontraditional fruit trees.

• Adjustment of nutrition and water management to achieve best quality and productivity, with maximum conservation and efficiency in the use of natural resources.      


 Ing. Agr. Roberto Zoppolo