National Research Program on Production and Environmental Sustainability

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Imagen Cabezal



Developing or adapting technology to manage production systems while maintaining their productivity and competitiveness in the long term, promoting and valuing natural resources used with the approval of the society.



• Long-term impact of crop rotation systems and croppasture  rotation systems on soil, water, air, and productivity.

• Design and assessment of new sustainable agricultural systems.

• Management zones delineation for site specific agriculture.

• Cover crops selection and management for sustainable agriculture systems.

• Maximization of biological nitrogen fixation in soybean.

• Life-cycle assessment for livestock production systems and impacts of alternative management practices.

• Development of bio-products for agricultural use based on beneficial microorganisms.

• Greenhouse gas emissions in pastures, agricultural and rice production systems.

• Environmental water management strategies for dairy watersheds.

• Livestock feedlots impacts on water quality and mitigation practices.

• Reclamation of soils degraded by horticulture.

• Site-specific management of forest plantations.


Ing. Agr. José Terra