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The Agroclimate and Information Systems Unit (GRAS) of the National Institute of Agriculture Research (INIA) of Uruguay, has assigned as main tasks, the promotion, coordination and execution of research projects and other activities related to Climate and Climate Change and its interaction with agricultural and forestry production systems, as well as the development of Modern Information and Support Systems for Decision Making to prevent and manage risks associated with climate issues.
The GRAS Unit works at national level, and it’s integrated by a group of interdisciplinary professionals and technicians who, in partnership and cooperation with national and international organizations, carry out research and development projects and activities.
One of the main goals is to deliver information to users in a rapid and effective way. To achieve that, the fundamental tool is the web page, through which all the information and products are available for free to all kind of users. We divided the information into different topics in order to make the search clearer. You can access to some of the different topics and the information included in them, on the lateral menu.
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