Terms of use of information

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1) The access to the information available in the INIA-GRAS Unit website is free and open to all users.
2) Data taken from our website (INIA-GRAS) and used in publications, presentations or in any other way, must explicitly mention the source.
Therefore, logos cannot be hidden or removed from any page or graphic element, and may not be used on pages or graphic elements of others, without prior authorization (gras@inia.org.uy).
3) Links which displays a page or image of the website of the INIA-GRAS Unit framed in a foreign box, should not be set.
No page or image of INIA-GRAS unit can be link in a foreing box of other website.
All links that comply with the following two conditions are authorized:
• They must be indicated, clearly and unequivocally, as links to the website of the INIA-GRAS, or to one of its secondary pages.
• No content that is present in the original pages of the INIA-GRAS website shall not be modified, hidden, or removed.