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Animal Nutrition


The Animal Nutrition Laboratory has the following objectives: 

• Provide support to INIA’s Research Programs related to animal production (Meat and Wool, Dairy, Pastures and Forages, Family Farm Production) providing information upon the nutritional value and chemical composition of forages, silage, hay and concentrates.
• Research, through projects on nutritional evaluation of conserved forages and development of methods and techniques for analysis, within INIA’s Pastures and Forages National Research Program.
• Providing service for the analysis of all types of feedstuffs (forages, silage, hays and mixed rations), to technical advisors, cooperatives and individual farmers.

INIA is making an effort in this last point to enhance the quality of the service provided to all of its users. The objective for INIA to provide services, is to make available to producers and technical advisors a tool easy to reach and low in cost, useful in formulating rations, feed supplements, and finding out the supply of nutrients from a pasture, amongst other uses;  having a direct impact on the animal production of the farm.





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Animal Nutrition