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• Making the process from the development of a new cultivar by the breeder to its adoption by a high proportion of producers of the specific item highly efficient, keeping high quality standards during the entire process, in order to ensure product integrity. This process must be carried out upon consideration of the objectives, needs and functions of several INIA's internal and external stakeholders (breeders, producers, national and foreign seed companies and regulatory institutions,) through continuous interaction at all process stages.
• Once the new cultivars are being used in production, their varietal maintenance is carried out for as long as they remain in the market. The seed from this varietal maintenance is supplied to seed companies, which use it for their seed production plans, and thus supplies a high proportion of the national agricultural sector.
• The same work performed for the national seed sector is also carried out for foreign seed companies holding licenses or sub-licenses of INIA's materials.
• INIA not only provides basic seed of its own varieties, but also carries out this work with the public forage, vegetable and fruit varieties most used in the country.
• Creating the technology package to boost the production of seed of INIA's cultivars.
• Doing research on problems related to the production of seed, interacting with different disciplines within INIA and other institutions or companies.

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