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The National Director is responsible for implementing the objectives established within the framework of the strategic policies defined by the Board of Directors of INIA.

  • Developing and submitting the plans, programs and budget of the institution to the Board of Directors for its consideration.
  • Implementing the plans, programs and resolutions of the Board of Directors.
  • Managing the resources of the Institute, arranging for the monitoring of its activities, and reporting about this to the Board of Directors.
  • Proposing to the Board of Directors plans for the development of human resources.
  • Performing all tasks inherent in personnel management and the internal organization of the Institute.
  • Promoting relations with national entities related to science, technology and agricultural production.
  • Promoting the strengthening of international technical cooperation, with particular emphasis on the coordination with institutions in other countries in the region.

INIA National Office

INIA National Office 
Andes 1365 Piso 12
Uruguay. CP. 11.100
Tel: +598 29020550
Fax: +598 2013336

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