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The objective in INIA providing this Service is to make available a low cost and readily accessible tool to producers and technical advisors for their decision making in crop management.

Although plant tissue analysis is applicable to all species and to any plant organ, it is of particular interest for intensive plant farming productions (horticulture, deciduous fruit trees, citrus, vine, etc.). In these, there is frequent need for analysis of specific plant organs (fruits, petioles, etc.), besides the traditional foliar analysis.



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Access is open to all farmers, farmer’s advisors, scientists, cooperatives, industries, or other organizations which wish to use the service.

Further information (in Spanish) on this and other matters regarding this service, as Transportation, Delivery of Results, Costs, Payment of service charges, and Annexes on Sampling and Coding of Forms for Dispatch of samples, may be reached at Tejidos Vegetales or contact the person in charge of the service.

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