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Agrobiotech at INIA

Agrobiotech at INIA

The motivation for INIA's agrobiotech projects is to apply research to innovation, based on the demands of the productive sector and using science to promote the competitiveness of the sector. Through interaction with the productive sector, and mainly through INIA's Programs, a research agenda has been defined with the involvement of networks of producers and users of knowledge in the animal, plant and microbial areas.
We are facing a global scenario of finite natural resources which requires the increasingly efficient and more sustainable use of natural resources - mainly soil and water - in a context of significant and potentially irreversible climate change, coupled with a continuous loss in biodiversity that threatens the stability of biological systems.
INIA's agrobiotech strategy is to improve the knowledge base and promote innovation to increase productivity while considering the sustainable use of resources and relieving pressure on the environment.

Description of the Unit

INIA's Biotechnology Unit has laboratories in each of the five Experimental Stations of the Institute, where it develops various plant tissue culture techniques and biochemical-molecular approaches jointly with the National Research Programs. Each Experimental Station has modernly equipped laboratories with biotechnological tools in very different fields, such as the plant, animal and microbial areas. The techniques applied in different items range from cell culture, molecular markers to assist breeding, and biochemical-molecular studies associated with traits of productive interest.